Revelstoke in the Summer

August 7 - 12, 2022

You can only expect a town named ‘Revelstoke’ to be surrounded by epicness. As we found out, the name is entirely appropriate. World-class alpine hikes and bike rides, scenic rock climbs just minutes from town, lakes to cool off in, and a ski resort that transforms into a bike park in the summer.

So much to do, so little time. We played to our hearts’ content, but were still left with plenty of unfinished business to come back for.

Singularly, it was Frisby Ridge that spurred us to make the 7-hour drive out to Revelstoke. I came across this alpine mountain bike ride while browsing the British Columbia tourism website. One look at the phenomenal views on this ride got me hooked, and I said to Violet: “put everything aside, we have to plan a trip to Canada. ASAP!”.

Given the higher-than-normal snowpack this year, we waited for trip reports to indicate that the trail was snow-free and in good shape, and loaded the van with our bikes. Since the Revelstoke area has so much more to explore, we also packed our hiking and climbing gear – and of course, couldn’t leave the paddleboard behind.

Stoke Source #1: Frisby Ridge

The Frisby Ridge ride gains about 3000 feet in 8 miles – a moderately steep but unrelenting climb that kicked our butts!

Stops to catch our breath had to be brief because of the brutal flies that would swarm around us.


The slog up is mostly through a forest of young subalpine fir and hemlock, and there’s not much of a view until you get higher up on the ridge.

Once you’re in the open meadows, the panoramic views really open out.

The skyline of Mt. Revelstoke National Park provided a spectacular backdrop, and the combination of the cool breeze on a sweltering summer day made us savor the fruits of our labor even more.

Picturesque alpine riding – and a lake for a bonus alpine swim.

The wildflowers were out in full force. This hillside had a wall of Arctic Lupines and Spring Beauties amongst the brush.

Glacier Lilies facing off with Mt. Begbie, the most prominent peak towering over Revelstoke.

Indian Paintbrushes dotting the meadows on Frisby Ridge.

The Frisby Ridge trailhead overlooks the town of Revelstoke, and was a great spot to spend our first night there.

Stoke Source #2: Abbott Ridge

If Frisby Ridge is the #1 bike ride in the Revelstoke area, Abbott Ridge would have to be its counterpart amongst the local hikes. Located in Glacier National Park of Canada, this steep hike delights with spectacular mountain views.

Alpine reflections are one of my favorite photo compositions, and on our hike down from Abbott Ridge, I spotted a little tarn next to the trail, with the water laying perfectly still.

Filled with glee at the prospect of a great photo op, I ran around the tarn to find a good angle, and got this absolute mirrorlike reflection of Mt. Sir Donald and the Illecillewaet Glacier. 

Stoke Source #3: The Bike Park

Revelstoke Mountain Resort provides lift access to its bike park, so you can just play all day.

Riding the gondola with my trusty steed.

The bike park had by far the most flowy MTB trails I’ve ever been on with wide, sweeping berms.

Riding to the base from the upper chair lift was a 45-minute white-knuckle thrill of a ride that left me pumped with adrenaline.

Being an intermediate rider, I can only imagine what it must feel like to ride these trails at the limit.


Stoke Source #4: The Rock Climbing

To balance out the lower-body exertion from all the hiking and biking, a good upper-body workout can be had with the abundance of vertical rock in the area.

Climbing at Begbie Bluffs Provincial Park – a great climbing area just 15 minutes from Revelstoke. 

Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park, near Penticton. This is BC’s premier sport climbing destination, and we spent a couple days climbing here.

Skaha Lake made for a great backdrop (and a much needed post-climb dip).


Stoke Source #5: Lake Revelstoke

Summertime gets surprisingly hot in this part of Canada, and fortunately, there is an abundance of bodies of water for a cool reprieve.

Since we were camping out in the van for about a week, we didn’t have access to a shower, so our daily swims in Lake Revelstoke were especially welcome (actually, essential to maintaining our sanity).

Clear, refreshing Lake Revelstoke.

Paddle around a bit, and you’ll find some secluded waterfalls right on the lake.


One evening, we were driving around looking for a spot to camp, and lucked on an empty pull-out right by the lake, just in time for an epic sunset.

The sky was aglow with hues of pastel orange and pink, and the iridescence was amplified by the reflections off Lake Revelstoke. We opened out the back doors of the van and enjoyed the show.